History of Charm

"From the intial business of a blacksmith shop, ca 1840, along an aged Indian trail, a town developed to become known as Stevenson.  After the establishment of a post office in 1885 its name was changed to Charm.  Thoughout most of the town's years of existence it has also been known by its nickname of "Putschtown," meaning "a small clump."

Business activities have always been prominent in the small village, and have been more extensive in proporotion to the popluation.  Much of the business in the hamlet was of local trade until the 1970s and 80s.  At this time great steps of change took place, primarily that of a progresssive building material center, along with the advancement of tourism in Holmes County.  Charm has in no way escaped this increasing flow of visitors and businesses have responded accordingly..."

Interesting tidbits

Today, in the United States, no other post office is identified by the name Charm.

The first country from abroad to lay claim to the ascribed lands was Spain. 

The first road or trail passing through Charm was originally an Indian path that connected to buffalo trails.

(Historical Album of Charm, Ohio: Vernon Miller)